Flamenco Guitarist Jose VegaFlamenco guitarist Jose Vega will be performing a concert at Dalhousie University on Monday, February 8 at 7:00 pm.

The concert will be held in Potter Hall, Kenneth Rowe Management Building.

 Tickets are $20/$15 students/seniors and Dal people.

Jose Vega Biography

José Vega’s passion for flamenco began 20 years ago in his hometown of Cadiz, Spain.  At 16 years old, José began performing in the flamenco bars and tablaos of Cadiz, and throughout Andalusia.  He is an accomplished guitarist and powerful expressionist and has performed in the most prestigious peñas and tablaos in Spain, including Peña la Perla de Cadiz, Tablao Cordobes (Barcelona) and Casa Patas (Madrid).  He has accompanied some of flamenco’s top artists including Andres Peña, Marco Flores and Carmen Jara.  José has also accompanied numerous workshops with artists such as Isabel Bayón, and Ramón Martínez.

José has also had international success performing in the International Music Festival of Qatar, and the Montreal Flamenco Festival, and the Luminato Festival in Toronto.  José recently moved to Canada where he performs with various flamenco companies including the Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company. José has performed in shows across Canada such as “Mezquita”, in Vancouver, “Imagines” in Calgary, and “Spain Meets Canada”, in Saskatoon.