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Tommy Emmanuel – Center Stage – DVD

One of things that we try to teach is how to play to an audience. Many guitar students take a long time to break through a certain amount of inhibition. We’re not talking about stage fright and all that kind of stuff. Even if the student is relaxed and confident on stage there usually is a kind of shyness and holding back. In many ways, performing music is a lot like acting. Most successful performers assume a bit of a persona. They make be quiet and unassuming, for example, but on stage they are able to drop that and fully communicate with the audience.

Tommy Emmanuel is a great example of a guitarist that relates totally to his audience. Whether you like his music or not, it’s hard not to be captivated by his performance.

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Don Ross – Passion Session

For those of you who loved the Don Ross concert that we held here last week, here is one of his CDs that you might want to check out.

And keep your eye on this blog, as Don will be doing a class for the guitar students (it’s also open to non Dal students). It will probably be happening sometime in February, 2010. We’ll post an announcement.

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As many of you may know, the great guitar inventor and guitarist Les Paul passed away on August 12th at the age of 94. Considered to be the “inventor of the electric guitar”, Les Paul kept up an active performing career until his last days.

“He was one of the most stellar human beings I’ve ever known,” Slash posted on Twitter , referring to Paul as his “friend and mentor.” Progressive guitarist Joe Satriani released a statement that reads, “Les Paul set a standard for musicianship and innovation that remains unsurpassed. He was the original guitar hero, and the kindest of souls.”

You can read more at Rolling Stone.

Here’s a book that you might want to check out if you are interested in finding out more about Les Paul.

The Early Years of the Les Paul Legacy 1915-1963

Journey through the career of musical giant, milestone guitarist, and recording innovator Les Paul, and marvel at the world of cutting-edge guitar design! This book, along with its companion book The Modern Era of the Les Paul Legacy 1968-2007 (Fall 2008) emerged out of author Robb Lawrence’s years of research, interviews, extensive vintage archives (including original Les Paul/Mary Ford articles, press photos, music and recordings), and gorgeous original photography. It’s all here: the factory pictures, the designers, the electronics; the first experimtela “Log” and “Clunker” guitars, stories of the various Goldtops, the humbucking pickup evolution, and over 80 pages dedicated to the heralded ’50s “Sunburst” Standard. Exclusive interviews with Les Paul, as well as Michael Bloomfield and Jeff Beck. A beautiful and insightful book on a legendary inventor, musician and his partnership with Gibson to make the world’s most-cherished electric guitar.

About the Author
Prominent guitar expert, player and photojournalist Robb Lawrence wrote the original byline for Guitar Magazine’s popular ‘Rarebird’ column on vintage guitars. He began his association with Les Paul in 1972 and has been his West Coast concert tech for many memorable shows. Their association has included work on The Wizard of Waukesha, a 1978 film about Les Paul and the recent 2001 Grammys tribute film.

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