Modern Guitar

“Modern Guitar” is a continuation of “History and Techniques of the Guitar”. In this class you will further your playing ability by learning new chords, learning scales and how to improvise and jam and learning how to write your own music.

The course will focus on various styles of playing (jazz, blues, rock, folk) and attempt to provide the skills necessary to have a modicum of ability in each of the various styles.

The class will be part lecture/listening/viewing and part playing. The focus will be on the playing side of things and whatever is discussed will be played. The class will include daily technique practice, ensemble playing, and improvisation sessions.

There will be some written work but the majority of the work will be guitar playing.


Ability to play first position chords and a few bar chords reasonably well. If you have taken MUSC2007 and passed you will be ok.

Some basic music theory to the level of MUSC2007.

A keen interest in learning more about the guitar and improving your playing.

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